Tourist Map of Murshidabad

Murshidabad Tourist Map
Murshidabad Tourist Map

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W.B.T.D.C. Lodges

West Bengal Tourism Development Tourism Lodges

Bakkhali Tourist Lodge (Bakkhali), Bisnupur Tourist Lodge (Bisnupur), Baharampur Tourist Lodge (Baharampur), Digha Tourist Lodge (Digha), Digha Tent Complex (Udaipur), Diamond Harbour Tourist Centre (Diamond Harbour), Darjeeling Tourist Lodge (Darjeeling), Hill Top Tourist Lodge (Kalimpong), Morgan House (Kalimpong), Jaldapara Tourist Lodge (Jaldapara), Kurseong Tourist Lodge (Kurseong), Mainak Tourist Lodge (Siliguri), Malancha Tourist Lodge (Barracpore), Malda Tourist Lodge (Malda), Malbazar Tourist Lodge (Malbazar), Maithon Tourist Lodge (Maithon), Pathik Motel (Durgapur), Raigunj Tourist Lodge (Raigunj), Rani Siromoni Parjatak Abas (Midnapore), Rupnarayan Tourist Lodge (Gadiara), Santiniketan Tourist Lodge (Santiniketan), Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge (Sundarbans), Tarakeswar Tourist Lodge (Tarakeshwar), Teesta Parjatak Abas (Darjeeling), Udayachal Tourist Lodge (Saltlake, Kolkata), Kalighat P.F.C. (Near Kalighat Kali Temple)

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Bengal :: History

The region has its beginning in the Vedic times and was known as Vanga. The Aryans settled here after the Vedic period and many principalities and kingdoms were formed. The dynasties of Palas, the Pundras, Guptas, Mauryas and the Sens ruled over the region before the Mughals took control. The strategic location led to trade with the South East Asian countries especially Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. Muslim influence was responsible for a rich culture and art. The ease of access brought the Portuguese, Dutch and French influence to its art and culture. The British successfully brought the modern education to Bengal and to this date, Calcutta has been considered the land of intelligentsia. No wonder that most of the Nobel Prizes for India have come from this State; Tagore, Bhabha, Mother Teresa and Amartya Sen.

The State has the alluvial plains known as the “dooars” in the South & the mountainous Himalaya in the North. The diversed geography of Bengal is always fascinating. The Darjeeling district is known as her scenic beauty & the tea. The dence forest region of Dooars is renowned by its collection of rich flora & fauna. The alluvial plains in the South are the basin of river Damodar, also known as the “Sorrow Of Bengal”. Other main rivers are Ganga & Hoogly. The coastal fringes of Midnapore have a curios mix of large shifting sand dunes & marshes. The district 24 pargana (South) has Sundarbans, the largest delta consists of swamps, quick sand & thick, impenetrable mangrove forest belt.

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